Twitter-ific social experiment


New member
There is a bit of a social experiment going on in the bellydance fraternity on Twitter. We're trying to get a 'trending topic' of the word #flounce
I love that word - it brings up all sorts of foot stamping, hissy fitting, ruffled petticoats and general botheration - so.... if you too would like to join the #flounce-ivities, head to Twitter and tweet your #flounce-tastic topics. Let's see if we can get a global trending topic out of #flounce!

To get it to work you have to use the hash tag # directly in front of the word, so it's #flounce, not # flounce - and if you want to use the term in any other way, you need to add a dash - between the end of the word #flounce and any suffices.

You can do a search then, using the #flounce as your search term - and join in the general silliness!