Thin and top heavy


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I'm not very big at all, except for my breasts. Because of this, I can't go braless. I've watched some tutorials on how to turn a bra into a belly dance top, but I'm not very good at sewing. Even though I have a friend who can help me, having to order all the proper sized bras isn't cheap. So tell me, my fellow busty girls:

1-Does changing a bra into a top really work? I can imagine it working for a smaller bust, but even wearing a sports bra over my regular one doesn't keep them in place.

2-Do you ladies have any shopping suggestions? Inexpensive bras or easily adjustable tops would be fantastic.

Thanks and happy shimmies!!! :dance:


Are you talking about making a costume top that you will perform in? Or just support during practice?


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Long ago and almost in another universe, I wore a 32 D in dance bras so I feel your anguish.

If you can find a bra that fits across the front in one of the discount stores, you can change the size of the back by replacing it or extending it. Not being able to sew is a small handicap but you can't learn any younger. Enlist that friend and be brave. It will be the best favor you ever do yourself with the possible exception of marrying someone who can fix everything from a broken zipper to the plumbing.

I used to buy my bras from Frederick's of Hollywood; despite the air of sleaze some people detect around the company, their quality was excellent and their prices more reasonable than most department stores. I checked and they still offer sizes that run from 32DD to 42G for about $30. Unless they have changed, they were also golden when it came to returns.


Came here armed with advice but can't do better than Shan.

Also, I started off being really really bad at sewing but I've gotten good enough over the years to have the courage to significantly alter high end professional costumes. If I can, you can!