The Austin Belly Dance Convention 2016

Come sparkle and dance with us ya’ll at the Austin Belly Dance Convention
June 24-26, 2016

Featuring international dance stars Sharon Kihara and Sa'diyya, and Master percussionist Ozzy!

Guest stars include Amara, America Tru, Anaheed, Bahaia,Cyndi Cyreigna Elliott, Djahari Clark, Draconis, Elsanne Barrows, Hannah Romanowsky, Hannah and Rosanna Setu, Jamie Lynn, Lebanese Simon, Lily, Mahin, Michelle Sorensen, Stacey Lizette, Tamra Henna, and Zymirrah!

• Over 30 Belly Dance and Music Classes and Presentations with a variety of offerings to please all levels and styles!
• 2 Spectacular Evening Performance Programs: Friday evening's "Keep Austin Shimmying" Gala and Saturday evening's "Austin Raqs" Gala.
• The ABDC's Showcase on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
• Live Music Shows with Badrawn and Atlas Maior.
• FREE admission for the public to the ballroom during the ABDC Showcase.
• FREE admission to the Friday night showing of "Belly... The Documentary."
• Shopping with a hand-picked collection of high quality vendors.

For more information:

The Austin Belly Dance Convention is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department and Texas Folklife.


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