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Hi ,Could you please recomend me the best teacher training courses in UK or Cairo???
Marhaba Ishtar,

I highly recommend Prof. Khalil's excellent teacher training program in Cairo.

Because the program is directed towards developing teachers of MED, there is a great deal of historical and cultural information as well as dance and training technique. A typical day involves spending 8-10 hours at the ISOC studio/centre. We have a lecture every day during which we take notes, and then our training in the studio expands upon that teaching, i.e. after our lecture on Pharaonic Egypt, we learn a Pharaonic dance, complete with explanations of the various rhythms, moves, gestures, and more.

We learn a minimum of one choreo per day which is then filmed so that we can take our Cairo lessons home with us on DVD. One day we learned a 9 1/2 minute choreo! And this is where the expertise and the heart of the teacher become so important. Prof. Khalil is very demanding and gentle at the same time. No matter the critique, you always feel respected and supported by him.

The teacher training program at ISOC in Cairo is limited to nine students per session in order to maximize individual attention and your educational experience. Prof. Hassan Khalil is one of the living legends of Oriental Dance and has a lifetime of wisdom and lore to share. It's been an incredible dance journey for me and I'm so looking forward to completing the program this April :)

For more information, please visit:
Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil - ISOC - Cairo/Egypt ,click on your language of choice and then on the link "Training Courses".

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The Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dances offers a very good teacher training course in the UK.
Teacher Training - JWAAD

As you will see on the website, it's divided in 2 parts.
I attended it as a student between 1998 and 1999 and learnt a lot. I've been teaching since in Europe. It is very well structured and several tutors teach on the course depending on their "specialities". There is a good balance between theory and practice and you also get feedback on your technique in order to work on your weeknesses and improve all along the course.

Everything is listed on the website !