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I live in Thailand which is pretty much super humid all year long being a tropical country, and I still need to moisturize once or twice a day with REALLY heavy home-made cold cream. I have extremely dry skin and the humidity doesn't help me at all.
You have DRY skin and acne? Wow, that's got to be tough to deal with since acne products usually dry skin out even more. Mine's extremely oily.


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I have a bad skin problem and am going to try Alosha's recipe. Nothing has worked with me so far so I am not very optimistic - I have had acne for over 20 years and if this is going to help, I would call it a miracle. I'm pretty desperate.


I have had acne most of my life. Been on meds and many treatments. It covers face and back on me. I am now 45 and still have it. I have very active oil pores but no wrinkles. :D

Any way after all this time I found a few things that work best so here is my advise.

Stop using over the counter soaps they contain chemicals that actually made it self sustaining. Most of them have hash detergents in them which do more harm than good. I found this out after my hubby and I got married and he breaks out a bit different than I do. This lead me to home made soaps and what a differenace they make. I make our own now because it is so simlpe to do it. I use 4 ingredents only and no purfumes. This cleaned us both up fast. For those interested in this please PM as there is site I can refer you to that will get you to making your own soap. It is cheap to make and takes no real time doing the mixture. Most time is the after the pour and setting of the soap. Nice thing is once you have the basics down you can changed it with scents how you want.

Another thing I did was cut out as much soy products as I could from my diet. Soy must be processed in a certain way not to be bad for your body. The majority of products that use soy from mayo, cooking oil, immatation butter ect do not process it right. So I have changed what I have used. Cooking oil is now peanut oil as I am not allergic to it and it has the highest burn point. Other might use olive or canola or corn. Do not use a bottle that just says Vegtable oil that contains soy. I have gone back to real butter. I am not worried about all the hype concerning saturated fats as we have very little of it in our diet. I also belive there is alot of wrong info out there to get people to buy soy products in favor of the older foods like butter. I do not eat alot of deep fired foods. I cook at home more than we eat out also or food is taken to work from home. Eating out is a once a month thing for us not a every day or week thing. It take me less time to cook a meal than wait for fast food most times.

I do not buy into that whole organic thing BUT I do buy local. When farmers market is up and running I buy alot of veggi there. It is cheaper than the store and way more fresh and most do not use chemicals. It might take some searching in your area but you can find people who sell fresh from their small farms even in the city. Look up CSA=community service agriculture or farmers markets or home grown or pasture fed. These words will lead you to alot of ino and resources.

I do use tree tea oil when I can get it or I use witch hazel instead with acholole. Wash hand thru out the day and face before going to bed works great. I do not use any creams or such and anything on my skin like that gives me white heads the next day. Make up I use is not cheap and I do not wear it often. But I make sure to remove it before bed also. I do not use moisturizers at all except for feet and rarly hands.

If you acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance you will have to be on certain meds for that, these are not antibiotics. They will be homones and vitamins. I hope this helps those that are battling with ongoing acne. As I said I went the self med route then doctors then changing my soap and such. Each person is different in what the base cause is for their acne. My is gentics in that my father had it also when younger. But I have it way after he did. What ever you do stick with the routine for that is the only true way to battle it fully. :)


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Hey guys!

I used to suffer from acne, but now I get it in occassional bouts. Here are the tings I do to combat it which are all aside from washing my face regularly with tea tree and witch hazel face wash and drinking water (or tea ^_^).

- Muslin Cloth After using a face wash, I take it off with a muslin cloth which gets rid of all the dead skin cells and renews your skin.

- Olive Oil and Castor Oil I know it sounds strange, but my friend recommended this to me. Not only does it make the skin really soft, but it is actually amazing!! Put a small blob of olive oil and an even smaller blob of castor oil so 70% Oilve 30% Castor. (If you have dry skin use less castor oil) Massage it into your face. Then using the muslin cloth mention before, dampen it in hot water and lay it over your face to steam it. Then wipe the oil away gently. Then dampen the cloth again and repeat. And do this steaming/wiping away four or so times until your face is clean. I use this method every two days. It is amazing because the oil breaks down the oil on your skin, better than water can, and it isn't harsh to your skin, but nourishes it. I was reluctant to try it, but once I had I found the results on my acne to be quite suprising. The next day my face was so healthy and clear

-Boots Acne Relief These are the best tablets I have ever taken for acne relief! Again I was recommended to them and they did do wonders for me. If you're in the uk, it would be worth giving them a try. Boots Alternatives Acne Relief - 60 tablets - Boots

- Calendula Cream Again, this I get from boots homebrand alternative section. I initially got it because I had a really bad reaction to some facec wash. It is intended for sore skin. When I looked up the ingredients I also found that they worked on acne, so gave them a try. It worked very well for me. I put it on at night, and when i woke up my skin was glowing :dance: and my pimples were reduced a fair bit.

-Sudacrem!! I recommend this to all my friends. I know its nappy rash cream, but it works wonders on acne. I slap it on good and thick before I go to bed (which means it does get all over the bed covers) and when I wake up like today, all my spots have gone or are on their last legs. It seriously works wonders!

Anyways, I hope those tips help! They have worked better for me than any doctors prescription. I would highly recommend them all! ^_^
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Without divulging much information, I have been using Neutrogena cleansing cream for acne AND wrinkles. I use it at night because for both day and night use it would be too drying. I am very satisfied with it.


This might have been mentioned, but I haven't read the whole thread yet (it is long :shok:):
I use aloe vera gel to let my skin heal faster and to prevent scars, it works miracles for the skin!
I am going to try the vinegar thing!


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I’m glad to read that the vinegar is working for you :clap:. ACV has so many wonderful health benefits.

I have had acne all my life and was diagnosed with acne rocasea when I was 17. I was on several different creams and was also on minocycline for years, starting when I was 13, which has left lingering digestive issues. Furthermore, about every 4 months I would get a 20% salicylic acid peel which was recommended by my dermatologist to help control the rocasea. My poor skin was so sensitive/ reactive I was breaking out from the antibiotic creams and the face washes I got from the doc. My acne rosacea was getting so bad the dermatologist was even starting to talk about laser treatments to shrink the blood vessels in my skin. Fed up and angry that nothing was working; I got off all that junk. Then read about food allergies so I cut out virtually all dairy, all artificial sweeteners and msg. It turned out I was very allergic to artificial sweeteners and msg. I’ve turned into the annoying person that reads the label on everything I buy and drill the waiters about what is in the food when we go out to eat :lol:. For about 6 months my skin was HORRIBLE; then suddenly it settled and began to clear up. I tried the ACV, but that made my skin worse; and baking soda scrubs were to irritating and would cause flare-ups. I still have acne rosacea but each year it becomes less and less of an issue as I continue to eliminate products and foods that cause flare-ups. I also use as natural and gentle a face wash as I can find.

Defiantly avoid over treating your skin, which is what happened to me. Simple is best and if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it or put it on your face :naghty:.

My ayurvedic esthetician recommended a wonderfully gentle exfoliation mask. It’s simple to make: Oatmeal (whole oats or the 1 min quick oats work best, plain not the sugary instant stuff!) ground slightly, mixed with plain yogurt. Wash your face, then rub the mask on for a minute or so then wipe off and finish with your toner and moisturizer.


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I read through some of these pages, but not all so I'm sorry if I'm repeating anything.

Ladies, for those of you with acne that has resulted in scarring, use Vitamin E oil on your face. After the breakouts heal, but when the scarring is still fresh, rub the vitamin e oil on like a mask. There is no real downside to this, Vitamin e oil is good for your skin, hair and nails all three. It'll lighten the scarring to where it isn't even noticeable.

Also, for older scars left by acne... try Mederma, skin care for scars. I don't know how well it works for acne scarring, but I know that three years ago, my daughter was attacked by a dog and bitten in the face. She had several punctures and a three corner tear less than 1/8 of an inch from her eye. The scarring was awful. I bought Mederma after the stitches were out and six months later, my baby girl's face looked almost exactly as it had before she was bitten. There is some dimpling of the skin lower on her cheek where the dog's teeth sunk in, but her scars are the exact same shade of her normal skin (not lighter or pinker, but exactly the same shade) and smoother than any scar I have on my body. Her face looks perfect without plastic surgery (which was what was suggested we do, but she refused and I would never force my child to do something they didn't want to do) and while the scars aren't gone, they are so faded and smooth they might as well not be there.


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I learned of this on tribe, and really want to share.

Instead of using soap to cleanse the face, people who have breakouts can use a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar and three parts water to cleanse, then use coconut oil to moisturize.

I've had breakouts since I was ten, and this i helping my skin, and I've only been doing it for a week.

If it's helping me, I have to share.
wow it has helped you after one week!! MUST TRY!! I have breakouts ALL THE TIME and I am so desperate to fix it, Id do anything. I will definately try. thanks alosha for sharing!!!!

I just really really reallly hope this works. Now I need to figure out what to do with my hair...
whats wrong with your hair?
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I've managed to figure out a routine now which works for me. .It's very time consuming, but has done the trick.

Every morning and night I:-

- Use the Clinique 3 step solution (which I cannot fault. It has worked WONDERS :D).

I start with Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar for Face and Body - Anti-Blemish - Clinique UK I ash this off using a muslin cloth hich exfoliates too all in one.

Then use Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion - Anti-Blemish - Clinique UK

Moisturise with this Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer - All Men's Skin Care - Skincare - Clinique UK

Only at night I mix Calendula cream (for sore rough skin -whose benefit it that it also fights acne) with two drops of tea tree oil. And use that as an additional moisturisor.

-Then I use Boot's home brand Witch Hazel blemish stick which honestly zaps them and reduces redness over a day. Witch Blemish Stick 10g - Boots Its a new discovery but I love it. :D

Then once a week I steam my face, then apply a face mask, then re-steam and use a pore strip, then wash my face while my pores are open.

If I'm on my day off I also warm up some Manuka Honey UMF 5+ and use that as a face mask or just dab it on spots. This works wonder too.

Here are some of the oral methods I have found to work. I take one of each tablet a day.

- Boots Acne tablets. Boots Alternatives Acne Relief - 60 tablets - Boots These were recommended to me by a friend and they are really good. You can take up to three a day but after a month you only really need one.

Also I take their Boots Pharmaceuticals Skin, Hair and Nails 30 Capsules - Boots. These are more for my nails cause they are brittle but the evening primrose oil in them also has added benefits for your skin and my nails have improved drastically. No more splitting!

And finally, lol. This is something I've only tried the past week as I had lots of tiny little red bumps along my neckline which nothing else was working for. I read about Panthenonic Acid and so I take one of these a day and I have seen a drastic improvement already in less that a week. Acne: Pantothenic Acid for Acne It really has worked for me :D

Well I hope some of these things will work for you guys too! ^_^ They really are worth a try.


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My neice was taking Accutane to control acne. I did some reading about Nizoral shampoo helping cystic acne. She started using it on her face and she is off of the Accutane with really nice skin. She told her demotologist about what she had done and the doc gave her a perscripition of the active ingredient. Accutane has very bad emotional side effects, so I am glad this's hard enough being 16, without some medicine making your life hell!


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I don't have very bad acne but it will get annoying at times. I have found using Soap & Glory's The Greatest Scrub of All, with Lush's Grease Lightening and Tea Tree water then pure Alo Vera to mosturise. and it works extreamly well for me. First regime that actually worked for me! I also use Nuetrogena's 7 day black head stuff every now and again. Again it just helps! I do recommend any of Soap & Glory products! They are amazing.
The big thing to remember with breakouts is that there are two possible causes.

There's acne, or there's rosacea. The treatment for one can make the other worse.

I always assumed rosacea meant you had to have red skin, but it can show up as just spots. If you have rosacea, you have extremely sensitive, reactive skin which you have to treat with kid gloves. Most acne treatments will make it flare up even worse.

One treatment that's very effective for both is Omnilux photorejuvenation therapy. It's expensive in a beauty salon because you need a course of several treatments - but you can buy a hand-held device for about half the price of the salon course, and do it yourself.

Buy the blue light version for acne or the clear-U version for rosacea.

Handheld OMNILUX clear-U, red and blue LEDs together • Rosacea Support Group

By the way, the red light version is fantastic for wrinkles - I had a salon course and I reckon it knocked 10 years off my face.


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Benzoyl peroxide is a first-line treatment for mild and moderate acne vulgaris due to its effectiveness and mild side-effects (primarily an irritant dermatitis). It works against the "P. acnes" bacterium, and normally causes just dryness of the skin, slight redness, and occasional peeling when side-effects occur. This topical does increase sensitivity to the sun as indicated on the package, so sunscreen should be used during the treatment to prevent sunburn.


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Acne and Oily Skin

The more soap I use, the more I break out. I've tried sensitive skin formulas, normal formulas, acne formulas, etc. I think ANY soap dries me out, causing my skin to produce more oil than necessary. I haven't washed my face with soap in a little over a week, even after performance makeup, and its clearer than it's EVER been.
If you have oily skin, you are right. The more you wash, the more oil that is produced. The best soap for this is charcoal. You can get it at Khataji Natural Soap in Palmyra, Virginia.

For normal or dry skin, try goat milk soap or old fashioned white lye. (Also available at Khataji).

Another thing you can do is to drink lots of water. The body filters toxins through the kidney, liver, lungs and skin. To reduce toxic build-up, drink lots of water.

Hope that helps.


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Since everyone skin type is different I'll tell you what worked for me since I get acne that also leave brown spots on my face. Try the Mint Julep Mask. You can find it at any drug store and it's affordable! ( under $6) It works wonders! If you see my face now My marks are fading away... I really love this product. My mom used it and then I started to use it. nothing else worked for me. for more nice results also try der scrub. It's pretty good because it cleans your skin,pores, and most of all your dead skin. I highly recommend this.


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My skin only started improving after I stopped washing my face with soap. I have very dry skin, but at the same time I'm prone to acne. So all the acne treatments I tried would either not work or work somewhat but make my skin even drier. Then, I discovered honey and oil.

Currently, I wash my face with just honey whenever I shower (once or twice a week, when I feel I need exfoliation, I mix the honey with brown sugar to exfoliate). Honey does the job very well and has antibacterial properties. It's weird getting used to cleaning your face with something that doesn't foam, but it pays off.

At night, I remove dirt and makeup with grapeseed oil, then rinse it out with just water and wipe off the excess with a paper towel. Grapeseed oil is nocomedogenic so it does not clog the pores like some other oils. It's very light, so it doesn't feel too weird on the skin.

Once a week or less, I do wash my face with "soap" but it's a special "moisturizing bar" from Aveeno, and it does not dry out the skin.

My skin has never looked or felt better (except when I was a child).


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Think the solution is to understand what causes acne, and as other have said, every skin type is different, our individual body chemistry is to be considered.

In the past I suffered badly with acne, plague face was what I was called by many, but although it stung something rotten, a product I used to use was a fluid called TCP which is an antiseptic controlled the outbreak of yet more acne.

But from what others have said here, yes, I would go the vinegar route, as that is another antiseptic.