Singing bellydancer with finger cymbals

I think of myself as a fusion bellydancer
After watching a few of your videos on Youtube, I would second what Shanazel said. I don't think you are a fusion bellydancer, I think you are a performance artist who is creating something uniquely yours. "Sajia's dance of the soul" - I like that one!

If you're happy with that direction, then choose the music that resonates with you and oontinue on the path that feels right for you. If you want to become a "fusion bellydancer" then I'd suggest you need to work with a teacher for a while, to get your bellydance to a level where you can "fuse" effectively.

Learning from DVD's or online classes is tricky because there's no feedback - we're not always aware of what we're doing wrong, and practising over and over to a DVD can entrench our bad habits instead of leading to improvement. I know Darshiva does classes over Skype and she gets some great reviews.