Short video of Sema Yildiz !!!!!!!!!


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I liked it too, thanks for sharing Maria :)
I also really liked it she was not wearing one of those "sexy costumes".

Aisha Azar

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Sema Yildiz

Dear Aya,
I am studying Turkish Roman now, and she is great at it!! Sema Yildiz is my favorite Turkish dancer. Thanks for sharing the clip!!


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There are more videoclips of Sema at her own webpage:

She definately is a great dancer, but I would say that many new dancers do are good and even have similar style with her simply because she has taught many of the top class Turkish dancers like Asena, Didem and Elcin :)

I was soooo disappointed that her coming here to Singapore was cancelled in August - I do hope to have a chance to study with her as she is told to be excellent teacher even her style is more like "follow my bouncing butt" than explaining everything deeply.


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Dear Kiraze !!!!!!!!!!
You are a treasure :) ty ty ty
Didnt knew that Sema had a site, and her videos are great.
I dont know much yet for turkish style (altho greek tsifteteli have some influence) but I'm planning after June 2007 (where I wont be running as a tazmania devil, lol) to go to Turkey and study Roman
Thank you again for the info

Maria Aya:D

p.s. After watching the video-clips of Sema, I had the feeling that she reminded me very much of Lulu Sabogni, Brazil...
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The clip Maria posted was indeed nice, but different. I actually had to watch it twice, so that I could look beyond her being "all over the place" and concentrate on the other elements of her dance. That really shows I need to educate myself more on different styles to get used to different ways.

I loved the bit on her site with old Turkish newspaper clippings of her. That was so nice!


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Dear Maria, thanks SO much for sharing. I love Sema Yildiz, she's an awesome dancer. She's on my to-study-with list for Rom dance :D I'm hoping to someday go and learn from her as I'm starting to sudy Turkish Rom myself. Having had only a few sessions so far with Hadia and Serpil Murtezaoglu (also a wonderful Turkish dancer), I try to find everything I possibly can to learn about the dance. This clip is awesome. Love her costume btw.

Dear Kiraze, thanks for sharing the website link, those videos are amazing the newspaper clippings are very nice!


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Wow, there's definitely more bounce per ounce in Turkish Rom that anything I am more familiar with. I will look forward to looking up her site during a "sanity break" from work.


I've had the occasion to talk with Sema many times over the years and she is a sweet heart!! Loved the clip, thanks for posting it!

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I saw Sema Yildiz live last year in "Orienta" (big belly dance festival) in Frankfurt. She is quite old now, but she still dances a nice pure Turkish Rom style. The only problem at that performance was, that she danced as the last dancer of the programme (she was the quest star) and before her there were some dancers who danced excellent Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (like Naheda, a Turkish lady who lives in Germany but dances Egyptian style). After the Raqs Sharqi the Turkish Rom style looked kind of simple. But nevertheless, Sema is still a very good dancer:)