Short Hair..How short is to short


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Nah, it's my own personal system of hair measurement and has nothing to do with the prevailing culture around me or preconceived notions of how long or sort a person's hair should be. I like my WOW length hair and I like the super short pink spikes that adorn the head of the young woman who is a server at my favorite restaurant. Super short is shorter than very short, by the way. I spared you the tedious subtleties of my system, including assessment of heavily layered hair of any length as "undecided." ;)

Men's hair? System is a little different, largely because men with WOW and DOUBLE WOW hair are very, very rare, though not non-existent. Bald, super short, short, shortish, longish, shoulder length, shoulder blade length, middle of the back length, waist length, hip length, WOW and DOUBLE WOW.

I never claimed it was a science. ;)