Shakira from Egypt

No, I wud take extra care against overdoing it, Shanazel ... The headbanging against the wall, you know ...

Cos you might just end up fracturing something fragile ... Like a bit of concrete, for instance ...:dance:


So, 'exotic dancing' is mainly about sex, then ...
Congratulations, you got it right.

"Exotic dance" is a term that describes the type of movement performed in sexy dance genres such as stripper dance, chair dance, go-go dance, striptease and burlesque and opening portions of pole dance (although it seems like pole dance is moving away from it as it becomes more and more about acrobatic moves on the pole), classic strip club style exotic dance, including floor work and chair dance, private or lap dance*. Simply said sexy dancing.

Belly dance may be exotic as in sexy to you, but for most people getting interested in belly dance it is more about being exotic as in strikingly unusual compared to our native dances and introduced from abroad than the sexy side.
For those of us not being native to its countries and cultures of origin who have been studying and executing it maybe for years and decades, it is so much more to it than the first spark that may have led us to sign up for our first classes (whether it was the foreign or sexy interpretation of exotic or something completely different). After hundreds and thousands of hours working on our technical skills, movement vocabulary, musical interpretations, choreographies and improvisational skills, cultural and musical studies and so on, there isn't much exotica (see, another word that seems to be innocent but who usually refers to sex) left. But if you're interested in discussing any of these aspects, let's start a new thread and keep this thread about Shakira the dancer.


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Holy Hel, is all your taste in your mouth? And to think I just gave you the benefit of the doubt on the movement thread. Darshiva was right.
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I didn't bother clicking on the YouTube link because DreamHunter posted videos in almost every one of his posts... *goes off to click link* >.>

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WHAT THE HOLY CRAP?!? >:0 "Innocentish" my blueberry pies!!! >:/

why why why why why why whyyyyyyyy... :wall: :wall: :wall:


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Finally he is banned! I felt so annoyed by his comments that I almost regret for joining the forum!

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I hope you don't feel that way any more, Annetta. :( I hate to think of our forum losing any of our members on account of one person. Here's hoping we can get back to learning, sharing, and also enjoying each other's company. :)