Scoliosis AND knee issues AND plantar fasciitis

Sigh. So I've been diagnosed with scoliosis. I also have knee issues and plantar fasciitis, making it hard to study, let alone create, dance. I've been living with bipolar disorder since my teens, and learning dance and movement arts starting at 27 helped a lot. I was hoping to create dance videos for my Youtube channel to promote my upcoming album, but that will have to take a back seat while I work on physiotherapy and other corrective exercises. At least I'm in a stable living situation with my mother so I can work on my health in peace. And at least I know it wasn't my fault it's been taking so long to progress in dance.
I just made an appointment to see a physiotherapist, luckily thanks to Canadian semi-socialized medicine I'm partially covered for up to 10 visits. I've been googling dance and scoliosis, and I feel very optimistic about being able to dance well at a sustained pace eventually. I've read Shira's post on her website and Bellydance by Jennifer, among other sites. I will just have to work very hard on my health on a while.
I'd welcome advice and insight by other bellydancers who've had similar issues. Thanks in advance.


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Don't let the scoliosis get you down. My daughter has moderately severe lower back scoliosis with a double curve. She was afraid it would keep her from doing the things she wants to do. To date, she dances, works out, travels, does high adventure sports, and is a police officer. It ain't easy being bent but it's not necessarily a deal breaker, either.

You're going forward just like you need to. Hang in there, Sajia!


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I don't have anything particularly constructive to contribute - I would have pointed to Shira's article on the subject as well. But every body has weirdnesses to them, learning how to adapt and overcome is part of the fun! I can tell you that BD has helped my back immensely.
Thanks for your support, friends. The good thing is I'm not in any chronic pain at the moment, I just have very stiff shoulders. So that'll make it easier to work on my issues.


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Stiff shoulders can be "fixed" - just about everything on this body of mine was stiff when I started BD. Upper chest/torso, shoulders, most especially hips. Took a couple of years, but they eventually broke loose...


I started having issues with my right knee about a year ago, then the left followed suit, then I had relatively minor surgery this fall to fix one of the contributors to my right knee pain. To this day I have some tendon- and bursae-related issues on that side. Kneeling is out of the question, and I have to be very careful with hip twists, also watch out how and how much I bend the knees.

This year I also developed chronic plantar fasciitis on the left and both heels hurt after classes. What did keep me afloat (i.e., things definitely didn't get worse and at least my kneecaps stopped hurting) was working on the exercises recommended by physiotherapist and exercise physiologist. They both insisted on strengthening the core and glutes to ease of the pressure on the knees. (Maybe see if you can be referred to an exercise physiologist by your family doctor, here in AB we have the Primary Care Network collaboration.) In my case it may not get a whole lot better until another aggravating factor (extra weight) is taken care of so I figured I'd do my best and look after myself, just like you said, without worrying that my progress in dance may take longer.

I took it very, very easy, especially after surgery - I never expected even uncomplicated recovery with a relatively small scar to take well over a month! - and managed to be in a student recital performance a few weeks ago, five years after my first beginner class and four since my first (and only until now) recital. For me this was very motivating while I had to adjust to often being the only one who wears some form of supportive footwear in class, or the heaviest and/or the oldest, or with choosing to skip some things that seem inoffensive (for instance I can't do a child's pose without reviving the knee pain). Keep working at your own pace, stay safe and get stronger! I'm very much looking forward to watching your dance videos!
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