Samra Ya Samra

Ok here's a translation I need from our specialists. I have two versions of this song, but would love to have it translated. Anyone know the lyrics, composer of Samra Ya Samra? Thanks.


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Hi Yasmine. I came across this one a little while ago. There are also quite a few other songs translated too.

Samra Ya Samra
Karim Mamoud

"The translation is by George Dabai, who used to be one of the musicians at the Arabic clubs in San Francisco," Linda writes. "I took singing and percussion classes from him for several years. You can find the song on many, many old tapes."

Samra ya Samra marra fee marra
Shaghalny hawaku
Shaghalny hawaku
Damek gheffa our tag el effa
Shabakny maakee shabaknee maakee
Samra ya Samra helwa ya samra
Ya Samra ya Samra

Samra ya helwa ya lahne ya ghen
Wa ya ahla raneen
Wa ya ahla raneen
Seher el hageb dabeyet aageb alhelween
Shoftoh ba ateh min nary ya Samra
Shoftoh ba ateh min nary ya Samra
Tayeh ked mosh dary ya Samra
Wente el kass we shafayfek khamra
Ya Samra ya Samra ya helwa ya Samra
Ya Samra ya Samra

Wared khedoudek gah aala oudek zadoh gamal
Khala el sho'ore ye shoofoo el somur ye batoo fe hal
Eirfoo el nar wel gheira ya Samra
Aashoo fe zouil ou heira ya Samra
Wente el kass el shafayfek khamsa
Ya Samra ya Samra ya helwa ya Samra

Batlob widek alan foli radek
Maana el aafaa
Afra beike wa oul-le-aayheke
Ya ramz el kheffa
Radek fee el aazaya Samra
Aeayef albee maaza ya Samra
Winta el Kass we shafeyek khamra
Samra ya Samra ya helwa ya Samra
Ya Samra ya Samra

(Editor's note: what follows is a "very rough translation", according to Linda.)

Samra (black comlexion)
Time after time I see you
Your love disturbs the hell out of me
Your light blood", she's cute.

("Light blood" is a compliment in Arabic, has something to do with a person's mood.)

By looking at her, you can tell she's honest
That's the reason I fell in love with
It has a beautiful tune to the ear
(Comparing her to a beautiful song)
This eyebrow of yours makes the one next to you un-beautiful

I saw her I became
By all the fire in my heart
I don't know where I am
You are the glass of love and your lips are the booze
Your cheeks make your body more beautiful.
(He is comparing her to a rose on a stem)
You make blondes look at brunettes and get jealous
Every time I ask you to come close to me I get the answer:
The meaning of purity
I am so happy looking at you and I tell your eyes
Your answer is a big meaning to me
You have added much love to my heart
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The Geocities web site no longer exists, so Mouse's original link no longer works. However, the owner of that now-defunct web site gave me permission to reproduce her translations on my site. Therefore, the lyrics of that song (along with more than 200 other translations) can now be found on my web site at this link: