Requesting suggestions

Suzanne Azhaar

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Have a friend who owns quite a surplus of belly dance items he needs to sell off. At one point he had three stores (when American Cabaret was very strong in the dance world). Now, these items are in boxes waiting for resolution. There's at least ten heavily beaded sets from Mahmoud's shop circa 2000 (A/B cups, no more than a size six in belt size). Light metal coin belts, arm cuffs, and literally on the list goes. Selling them one item at a time will take too long (for me). Is there a way to contact someone who is willing to buy the lot at a deeply discounted rate and be able to transport that much weight. (Shipping the lot would be astronomical.) Ideas?


A former dance student who lives in Montana used to be a travelling vendor; don't know if she still is. I'll see if I can get hold of her.