Read before posting! How to post videos here and other information


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Greetings! Here are some general rules and guidelines for the video sections.

1. Posting a DVD rip is a rule violation. Posting public video clips (youtube, google etc.) is great! (See question answered by Salome below)

2. Salome Productions does not host any of the clips on this forum. They all stream from youtube, google and other video sharing websites.

3. All videos not of a bellydance performance are to be put in the Non-Dance video subsection. You can find this section listed on the top in the video thread.

4. There was a youtube user that had uploaded Salome's video clips about a year ago, without her knowledge or permission. This does happen from time to time. If you find a video clip of yourself posted on this forum and you are displeased, please contact Youtube or the youtube user who uploaded the clip.

How to insert a video clip

The following only work for youtube clips. Video clips from any other location cannot be inserted. If you want to share your video you can 1) upload it on youtube and post it here, or 2) just link the HTML address to the site streaming the video.

1. Open the youtube page that has the video you want to insert in the post.

2. In the address bar at the top of your browser you will see a url that looks exactly like this Belly dancer Salome - YouTube

After the = sign there will be a series of letters and numbers, see the example below in red.

3. Only copy the series of letters and numbers after the = sign, for example 1xdJz57mkxU

4. Now, back at the Belly dance forum. Above the text field where you type your posts you will notice several small icons. One of them says "You Tube".

Click the youtube icon and you will see [ YOUTUBE ] [ /YOUTUBE ] show in your post window. Your cursor will automatically appear in between the two sets of youtube brackets, [your cursor will be here] now paste the series of letters and numbers you copied earlier. You can do this by clicking Edit - Paste in your browser or hit ctrl + v. Will show up as this: [youtube ]1xdJz57mkxU[ /youtube ]. In order for it to work your cursor must be in between the brackets, only paste the series of letters and numbers and paste by choosing Edit and paste from your browser window or ctrl + v. Note that both youtube brackets and the code between them should be on one line.

The end result will look like this:

Note: If the video owner has selected it, some videos will not be able to be embedded on forums. For videos in which this occurs you will just have to put the url link.

If you still have problems, pm a mod in the youtube section for assistance.


Question from user about DVD riping:

why Posting a DVD rip is a rule violation ???
IF you buy the DVD , then it is yours.
you can do whatever you want with it ,destroy it OR distribute it .
it is like buying a car !!!

Answer from Salome:

Hi Newton1400,

I have lived in other countries and I know first hand that in a lot of places around the world sharing copy righted material is a way of life. VCD's and copied CD's are in kiosk's on every corner. There is a very relaxed attitude and people don't think twice about it.

The US is not one of those areas in the world... People have been made very aware about violating copyrighted material. I think that line has always been clear in the US, but it was made really prevalent by the whole Napster court case (remember that!?).

I'm from the culture of hyper awareness on copyright, I own the forum and I think artists should get their cut. I know when my DVD's go out, I'll have worked really hard and put my hard earned money into and would be really bummed to see it ripped and shared for free... Free clips is what Youtube is for. So, all put together, yes I deleted the Orit rip. And I need to insist that you don't post any more rips on this forum.
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