Raqs Al-Masriya - An Internet Belly Dance Choreography and Dance Challenge


As far as I can tell, this website is new (the idea is also new to me, but that does not say much :)): http://www.raqsalmasriya.com/
The signature mentions "sponsored by the Sausan Academy" (I saw posts from sausanacademy on the forum, too, up until last year); from the "About" page:
This Internet Belly Dance Choreography and Dance Challenge affords the opportunity to belly dancers who can submit their work via video, and provides for the entire planet to view the talents of these belly dancers unable to participate in these contests.
The music is posted on the website (actually, it starts automatically and plays in a loop regardless of where you are on the website).
The Challenge is to choreograph a dance performance piece in full costume and makeup to the music, video tape it, upload it onto Youtube.com in "public" mode, and email the link
to them for embedding. [Another later edit: there is a $25 (US) fee per submission.]
I could only see 4 videos - all for the November '16 challenge, but I like the idea...
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