Raja: Journey Into Rhythm


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Does anyone know where I can get this CD? Dahlal Intl used to have it, not listed amongst available offerings presently. Audrena used to have it, clicked on the Audrena website and it jumped to the Chinese amazon of Alibaba. Tried again and not sure where it went, do you know if Audrena sold her business to somebody else? And if so, who?

Looking for a track on this album named Drum'n On. If anybody has the MP3, I would be happy with that. TIA.


"The Veiled Male"
Audrena retired a number of years back due to health reasons. I think I *may* have heard that she had passed on, not sure.

As for the album, there are several places that have it on Vinyl - you may have to go that route and then digitize it if needbe...