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Because I haven't joined a class, I'm not sure if my way of practicing is very productive. I know a good handful moves so far, and I've been doing each one 15-30 times in a row until it looks right, then 10-20 more times to build the muscle memory.
I also play belly dance music and improvise in the mirror to see what combinations I can come up with according to musical cues. Does this sound right? :think:
If not, what do you suggest? Even if it sounds okay, are there any different ways that you do it? Maybe learning resources? I'm broke, so classes will be out for a while. :(
Also, I'm sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but I really have NO ONE to look to for help on ANYTHING in my area.


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Watch good belly dancers. Who will depend on your style - but you cannot go wrong with Fifi Abdou, Souhier Zaki, Lucy and possibly the dancers from the Golden Age (such as Tahiya Karioka, Naima Akef, and Samia Gamal - although not everything they do is belly dance). Watch the same piece multiple times - with full attention.

Belly dance is more than movements - it is how you interpret the music (so listen to lots of Middle Eastern music as well). But the mix of drilling moves and trying improvisation is basically sound. Also try following the dancers above. See how they respond to the music.

Main problem is without background you won't know what you don't know. If you can throw in teh occasional private class or workshop it will help.


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Main problem is without background you won't know what you don't know.
Sooo true....

Dani, that's pretty much what I do during my daily workout: 15 min warmup and streching, then put music on and do all basic moves repeatedly in order to awaken the muscles and to "remind" them how to move for about 4-5 songs ~20 min.
Then I dance to music either improvising with simple combos, or trying a simple choreograpy (like this one for examle: I dance for about 20 minutes, or till I sweat!
Then I do some good stretching following a "yoga for bellydancers" DVD.