Places To Find Lyrics - Check First before Posting


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One of the best forums I have found is All The Lyrics.
Look here before posting: List of all translated Arabic songs Check the list of those already translated and if not found join the forum and ask if someone can translate for you.

This forum also has quite a few songs and they will also translate
Arabic Song Lyrics and Translation

Our lovely Salome also has some song translations

And our Shira of also has songs translated
Translations to Song Lyrics from the Middle East and North Africa

Arabic Song Lyrics click the song, it will show Arabic lyrics scroll a little bit further and you'll see an English button.

There's a few here: The Best Arabic Lyrics Site - Golden Arabic Lyrics

There may be others do a google search as well:D

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Also, if you have a smart phone, try the SoundHound and Lyrics World apps. There are "lite" versions available for free, which I suggest downloading first, because these apps don't always provide the translations. There's also no guarantee that they can provide the original lyrics, but I have had good luck once or twice. It doesn't hurt to check out all available resources. :)


Use the inbuilt search function on the given website and if all else fails use ctrl + f to bring up your browser's search function to search the page for what you're looking for.