Photo-Assignments about Belly Dancing in Egypt


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Hello everyone!

First I would like to thank Mosaic who has been helping me out and guiding me through this forum! :)

My name is Mohamed Elsayyed. I am an independent photographer, currently located in Cairo, Egypt. I joined this forum in order to build up connections with artists and members who work in the industry in Egypt. As I would like to make a photography-assignment about belly dancing -especially in Egypt- But I find it hard to do so in Egypt, in comparison to other countries.

If anyone is interested in collaborating or helping me out with it, please fill out the Photo-Assignment form in the following link:

For any questions or inquiries please write me on:

Here are a couple of photos from two different photo sets about belly dancing. One done in Egypt on 2011 (B&W image) and the other photo was shot in Istanbul on 2012.



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Good luck with your assignment Mohamed:) I for one would love to see the end result when it is done.