Online workshop with Kazafy from Egypt


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Hi dear ladies. Online workshop with amazing Kazafy is coming 9 of January 1:00PM-3:00PM by Cairo time!

Topic: Muwashshah (folklore)
Price: 80 usd


Roots and history of muwashshah dance.
Muwashshah technique
A detailed breakdown of Muwashshah choreography
Appearance correction (costume)

- access for one month to the all workshop record
- deeper understanding of Egyptian culture and improving your skills in Muwashshah dance
- Muwashshah choreography
- music
- techniques used in choreography
- video of the choreography
- certificate
- appearance correction

Kazafi online workshop January 9th 2022

Happy to introduce you to our next teacher Kazafi from Egypt. He is the main choreographer in the Reda Troupe. His specialization is Egyptian folklore. This is a very unique chance to get the right information from professionals and original sources! Who can introducebetter than originally born in Egypt, specialized,educated professional choreographer and stage director!? He made a thousand shows and choreographies in Egypt and all over the world! The most wanted teacher in the world now will give the lesson for Taiwan!
Please, pay attention that will be an available record of the all workshop for one month. If your time is not fit with the live class you can always study by the record. And all the participants will receive the certificate, music, and video of the choreography by email.


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