Ok, I'm going to put this here...


"The Veiled Male"
I tried the moderators forum, and got no response.

My teacher tried to sign up for this forum at my behest. She was rejected as a spammer.

Now somebody please tell me how "Luna Habibi" gets rejected as a spammer, yet somebody approved "britenyHO16" and "Pusssyxxx" (or something similar, saw it on the active users list once)?


I believe I already addressed this on the moderators thread but since you also made a post here I thought I would make a similar reply for anyone who wondered too. The people who were super moderators and able to approve or deny user membership request have moved on. Bless their sweet hearts for all the years of moderation they volunteered. I do not have the time to moderate this forum regularly. What I can contribute is money. When I do get time to go through the list of requests there are usually over a thousand and there are literally only one or two (sometimes even no) real human being requests. As I am looking through each line it is easy to overlook one in a sea of hundreds and hundreds. It is also possible that super mods in the past may have faced other issues in processing.

The rejection email that every single person gets says an explanation of this very thing. We go through a ton of membership requests, if you are a real person then it is my mistake ... please email me and I will fix it.

Because there are no super moderators anymore and there are only three local moderators, when a spammer does get through they are able to spam and unless I am contacted about it I'm not going to know and be able to remove. When you use the report spam feature it does not have a mod to go to and does not come to me. But as of today there is a new super mod! So we have that going for us