ohhh...I want this piece of music!

ohhh, I do enjoy her dancing and after watching this I would love to locate the music that starts after the baladi at approximately 2:10!



Wow. I do believe Tamar is my new favorite dancer.



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Very nice.

The music after the baladi is Dum Dum Tek from an album called Suzy el Helwa Raks Sharki volume 1, unless other dancers using the same track on YouTube have been misattributing.

Bits of the baladi seem very familiar too, but isn't that just the way with baladi? :cool:
She is really great, isn't she? I've enjoyed every dance of hers. She's very seamless and I love the way her personality (dance-n-ality?) comes across.


Aaand... the music just gave me some bad ideas..
(I'm currently working on arranging some arabic tunes for a cappella choir, you do the math here...)

dance-n-ality - funny word, perhaps it should be a part of our dictionary?