New article on Muwashshahat


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I've finally finished writing an article that I've been working on for ages about muwashshahat, which was inspired by a Bhuz thread on the subject. I wanted to address some of the common confusions and misconceptions about muwashshahat in the bellydance world.
The article covers what muwashahat are, the history of the genre, and why there's more to it than just Reda style...
I hope you find it interesting/useful :) I've included some fairly in-depth further reading, too. And if you know of any more video examples of dancers performing to muwashshahat pre-Reda, please do share!


Only had time to skim over it right now, but it looks very interesting. Will dig in later when I can fully absorb it!

Farasha Hanem

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I read the entire article, but since I'd never heard of "Muwashshahat" before, I felt quite unqualified to comment, but I still enjoyed it and learned something new! Thank you, Roshanna! :D