Need advice !!!! about students


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Hi babes
Need advice, cause I dont know what to do :(
Just opened my beginers class, and seems already that I'm gonna have problems with the students.
While most of the students are easy going, ladies from various ages, 22 to 50, i got in the class, 2 trouble makers :mad:
Know the type? the ones that doesnt follow the lesson, instead look what the others do, just to do faces, like "aha she doesnt do it correct, she is fat, she is old, she is wringled grrrrrrr etc".
They have already started saying things one to the other, I keep them in different places (not near in class), and I dont know what to do, cause both of them are over 45 and "educated", and mothers and and and... I feel bad telling them clearly to shut the f... up:mad: didnt worked telling them, pls follow the class etc.
I feel that they are already dividing the class in 2, as being the 2 bosses between the students.
So any idea? cause i really like the other students, special a group of 3 girls from Egyptian parents that came to learn with me, and i dont like to see them leaving.

maria aya


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oooooooooooo Send them to me !!!!Maria dont worry usely people like that drop out fast and dont come back...just be strong and put your nose up, Lydia

i was only thinking that!! but the message went before i knew!! just be patient Maria perhaps it,s difficult for them , just push them nicely they will adjust to your way...patients sweety........happy dancing Lydia
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When I was in school and we had disruptive students some teachers would stop the class and ask them by name if they thought that they could do a better job then they to get up in front of the class and teach.

Students are paying you to teach and if those women don't like it I'd tell them to not return. It's better to get rid of one or two troublmakers than to lose other students and get a bad reputaton of not providing a pleasant dance experience.


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I agree with Babylonia, It's better to get rid of one or two trulmakers then to lose others that are realy good. Mybe you should try to seperate them like for example one has to go to a difrent group becous she "is doing so good"- just a white lie. or that the group is full, but then they might think that others should go. wery tricky. Good luck Maria:)

Gia al Qamar

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Anyone who has taught class has run into these type of students!
In my experience, these gals are eager for attention...positive or negative.
What has worked for me is to take the student aside AFTER class and explain that her behavior (and be specific about what it is that she is doing that is disruptive) is upsetting to the other students and distracting to you.
I tell the student how much I like having her in class, remind her that her abilities are to be envied, but tell her that, in NO uncertain terms, that she will be asked to leave class with no refunds should the behavior continue.
It's her choice. She either behaves, or forfeits the class.
It's FAR better to remove one or two disruptive students than to lose an entire class because two tyrants are calling the shots...


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Maria, how annoying!

Although I don't have experience teaching BD I have tought a few classes at college. These are techniques I use to deal with disturbance:

1. Stop what your doing and look with interest at what is going on/what they are doing. Your students will follow in looking and "little miss annoying" will feel stared at. You can then smile, shrug it off, and say "WEll, let's focus on getting this shimmy right."

2. If she/they keep at it look again and stop what you are doing (a little more annoyed this time.)

3. If it goes on, say "X (insert name) would you like to share with the rest of the class what's so funny/what's on your mind." Say it with a big smile. (Using the name of the student is particularly effective in this situation.) Of course she/ they won't want to do that so you can follow up by saying " Okay, well then perhaps you can discuss it with your friend later so we can all keep our focus on this "backward camel with shimmies" (what ever just be specific). If you can, make a joke about it.

4. If all of the above fails, ask to see the student in private after class. Make sure that it's private! If your goin to let it rip, it's better for the student, for the class dynamic, and for you that it's a one-on-one thing. Tell the student that you find behaviour x, z & y disturbing and that it upsets the class dynamic. Ask why this is behaviour is happening and if there is anything the student is unhappy with. ASk them to discontinue this behaviour. If you get really desperate you can say: "I don't really think this is the right class for you, I suggest you find another teacher."

I don't believe in beeing really nasty with the students, although I've seen and heard that plenty of times from professors. I think the teacher just looks really bad in front of the students when that happens, and you want to keep your students on your side. You also want to deal with the problem, of course, and address it because your students will notice if you don't and they will also get annoyed with you for not dealing with it. They expect you to address it. It's disruptive to you and to them. So if you can I would advise beeing firm + a sense of humor. And remember: It's your classroom, you own it, you set the rules.

I hope this helps!


Gia, we are clearly on the same page here: Be specific, and be very firm but nice :)
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Gia has it nailed as far as I am concerned- that is how I handle it. My sympathies to you, Maria. My classes started last Wednesday, and I have been blessed once again with lovely students.


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Hi Maria! Sorry to hear your teaching is spoiled by those two. I don't really have the experience of teaching dance, but I've given classes at school and now I give trainings to youth. If I had to handle a similar problem, I'd start with Gia's suggestion - just talk to them outside the class and try explain why you find their behaviour disruptive, but do it in a nice way. If they continue behaving like that, then you can gently "remind" them in class what you talked about (Freya's suggestions are good). And only if the situation does not improve, then you should warn them about having to ask them to stop coming to your classes.

I hope the two ladies get some sense into their head and they'll realise that attention-seeking isn't worth giving up such a great activity!


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oooooooooooo Send them to me !!!!Maria dont worry usely people like that drop out fast and dont come back...just be strong and put your nose up, Lydia

i was only thinking that!! but the message went before i knew!! just be patient Maria perhaps it,s difficult for them , just push them nicely they will adjust to your way...patients sweety........happy dancing Lydia

My first lesson the instructor gave us a stern "no talking even if you brought a friend" talk right up front - her class is fast paced and no one had time to futz around anyway. I don't think anyone got in a snark about it but they sure knew right off that it's her show.


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I would feel this kind of trouble makers very annoying if there was any in my class. I wished our teacher to do something to stop that but I would also understand that it is not so easy.
I think I wouldn't stop going to the class in no way even the trouble makers just continue poisoning the athmosphere but it would be very sad. For sure they make other students feel more uncomfort.
In my opinion if nothing else helps a teacher has a right to tell them stop coming to my lessons.


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Thanks all for the advice :)
I'll do my best and tell you how it goes (opposite as i do in internet, in reall life i'm very shy to speak up my opinion (i need a bellyshrink lol) ), so for me telling them that what they are doing is not right, i feel that i'm insulting them:(
Thanks again
Maria Aya