Name That Weird Intersection of Secular And Religious Music Tune!


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Eh, nobody has anything else to post? These are a little old, but they're something to talk about...

Traditional Christian hymn sampled in a wedding song about a beautiful bride...
راشد الماجد - أجمل عروس
Rashed al-Majed - Ajmal Arous

Song about a guy being released from jail repurposed as Christmas music...
كارول سماحة - سانتا
Carole Samaha - Santa

I don't consider myself a person who polices religion, or even is particularly invested in practicing my own religion, but I am not totally okay with this, especially the hypocrisy of the first clip coming out of a country that gets hysterical about any perceived blasphemous misuse of its own religion.

And the second one...Really weird song choice there, Carole. I'm guessing you haven't kept up with the evolution of iconography around support for US military intervention in the Middle East?

So...offensive? Not offensive? Would or wouldn't use at a gig?

Personally, I'm in the "Not the worst thing I can imagine but plausibly offensive enough that you should find a different song to dance to" camp.


A bad Tony Orlando pop song about a guy being welcomed home from prison turns into Jolly Old Elf music. A bride walks up the aisle to the tune for Amazing Grace, which wasn't actually written for Amazing Grace in the first place. Meh. Neither registers very high on my personal Offendameter. It's certainly no weirder than a drinking song called To Anacreon in Heaven growing up to be The Star Spangled Banner.

I wouldn't use either piece (or Anacreon, for that matter) for belly dance performance. With so much perfectly good Middle Eastern dance music out there, why bother with something laughably incongruous?