Music ID


Do anyone know which tune Khaled Mahmoud is dancing to in this video?

(link in case embedding doesn't work:
And if it is identified, do anyone know where to find it?
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Farasha Hanem

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o.0 I feel like I should know this! It sounds like something I have in my music collection, but I'll have to do some digging around! ^^


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Argh, I definitely know it, but I am rubbish at remembering the titles of magencies. Maybe it will come to me...


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I think it is on one of my golden oldies cds but I have no memory for song titles. I'll check when I get a chance.

Farasha Hanem

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Ugh, still downloading my CDs to my new laptop Hubby let me have when he bought himself another one. I haven't run into it yet, so I did a SoundHound search. I'm sorry, I didn't have any luck. :(