Mosavo lyrics English translation

Farasha Hanem

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Although some of Mosavo's music does indeed contain vocals, I don't think any of them are proper lyrics, per se. I think some of his works falls under the "trance music" genre, which I haven't studied at any length. Hopefully some of our more knowledgeable forum members can shed more light on what genre Mosavo's music would be classified under. :)
Yes Mosavo does do a lot of that but that are also songs where they actually speak a lot such as "Chant of lost love" and "As the nights pass." Maybe I can get the attention of an Arabic(?) speaker? :)


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Thanks, Gisela! I have been trying to find lyrics to Desert Queen and both posted on the page and as a message to see if they have it.

That said, not all of their songs are in Arabic. Desert Queen, for example, is Armenian. And, from what I gather, they may be remixing rather than just writing new material. (I may be wrong.)