More You-Tube fun - can you identify this dance style?


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can you identify this dance style

looks to me Iraqi.........not much to do with raks a sharqi but it looks very nice to me and the music is great.....And for sure the girls are having fun...Lydia


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Looks to me like a bunch of teenagers goofing around but since someone said "shaabi" in the background I'd think that's what was being aimed for :D

Aisha Azar

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Arab Dance, etc.

Dear Group,
I would agree with DaVid about it being Iraqi... not sure about the Khaliji part; it could be just about anything...


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Is it Arab, Iraqi, Gypsy, or South American Indian (like some of the yo-yos on You-tube think)?

Or is it just modern club dancing filmed on the street?

Well,Arab,Iraqi,and Gypsy match.

This clip is not Egyptian Shaabi-it´s Iraqi Shobi(Chobee)
Are we confused yet?:D

This is the first time I post here after the rebuild,just had to point out that this is not just
"bad bellydancing".

As DaVid said(hi DaVid!),the Iraqi smattering rythms are easy to recognize(and hypnotic!).
Zamboor mean wasp,right?

One Iraqi ethnic group that makes their living as entertainers are the Shi´a Kawlijah(Qawliyyah)

In the clip ,I see a way of sideway moving that the female Kawlijah dancers I´ve seen did use.

Their music and dance are recognized by almost every Iraqi,although they are small in numbers.(and are marginalized as all "gypsies",all over the world)

Some of these performers found shelter in Sweden and have been performing near Stockholm and Södertälje,where I live.

The dancers who came here mixed in some bellydance and other gulf styles in their dance numbers.
They also danced an Iraqi debke,which was different than the Levant version.
Singers catered to Arabic speaking audiences and had Egyptian,Syrian and Lebanese classics and pop in their repertoire as well as Iraqi songs.

Here are little tidbits and clips I found(thanks YouTube!)
...please take some of the comments in the clips with a huge grain of salt:

Big hits with Alaa Saad called "Al Burtukali" and "Al Tuffahah"(sp?)with
some choreographed "Qawliyya style" dancing.

Floor filler by Reda al Abdallah,
not much dancing but it´s a great party song:

Iraq is rich in different kinds of music and dance,due to the many different ethnic and religious groups that proudly keep their traditions alive.

Iraqi music is not just Kathem al-Saher and Adel Ogla,I promise;)

hugs Emma(emma-bessa on
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Emma!!! Hur ere gumman?

*copy and paste into resource document*

We should go to Sodertalje when I come to Stockholm next time and go party with the dancers there lol.