Modern Egyptian favorites?


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Wow. How have I not come across her before?! Aziza thats in Project Bellydance is who I meant.
Aziza from Project Bellydance is Canadian. She's a lovely dancer, but her style isn't Egyptian at all, it's very Western.

Aziza from Cairo is a lovely dancer as well, Egyptian-born (I think) and modern Egyptian in style.


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My favorite current Egyptian dancers are Aziza (Cairo), Dina, and Randa Kamel. I also love Soraia Zaied although her style is very influenced by Brazilian dances.

I also think it's important to look back at dancers of the past. Fifi Abdu, Mona Said, Nagwa Fouad, Soheir Zaki, Samia Gamal, and Tahia Carioca are some very important ones that I really love (Fifi, Mona, and Soheir topping my list).


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Yes Camelia is egyptian and I love her too. She is great! We had her here in Denmark for workshops and she was really strict. She smacked her hands together and said "BAAAD SHIMMY, BAAAD SHIMMY, come on!!!" :lol: I loved it!


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Mona El said, Lucy, Fifi Abdo, Dandash (my very favorite), Aida Nour (also my very favorite), Randa Kamel:D.

Except for Mona, I have been lucky enough to have taken workshops with the rest and see them perform on stage:).