Members - drawing for Belly dance DVD!


Thank you to the members who create the content of this forum! We’re going to do a drawing for active posters!

The Prize
Belly Dance Drum Solos: Concepts for Dancers And Drummers. Intermediate / Advanced Level Instructional DVD. An improvised drum solo is the exciting culmination of a traditional Bellydance show. Each high-energy, fast-paced and intricate performance is a conversation between dancer and drummer. This DVD is intended as a tool for both dancers and drummers to better understand the structure, components and practice of this compelling performance art.


Who can Participate?
Members and Sponsors who have a post count of 100 or higher. If you are not there yet, you might be when it comes time to draw! If you are not close, you can enter the CD drawing. Something for everyone :cool:

How do we Play?
I will use to generate a number at random. The parameters will be 1 to 100. Pick a number between 1 - 100 and put it in your post. Whoever picks the number OR if no one picks the exact number, the person who is closest without going over will be the winner.

When will the drawing end?
On June 1st, 2013



New member
28 for me please!

thank you!

[by the way, i can read the first post of every page now, both when i log in and when i have logged out! thank you very very much!]