Male Tribal Fusion Troupe


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Thought you guys might like this:



"The Veiled Male"
I'm acquainted with a couple or three of them. Male troupes are almost impossible to put together - so my hat's off to them for pulling it off!


"The Veiled Male"
I wonder if they just came together for the Tribal Fest event.
I know that Steven Eggers, Frank Florino (sp?), and Paige Lawrence have a semi-permanent "troupe thing" going (Paige told me about it), but dunno about the others. Its hard to get that many males to dance together - its always a question of are we gonna dance, or are we gonna strangle each other with our veils... :lol:


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Good grief, Zorba! NEVER strangle a fellow dancer with a veil. :naghty::naghty::naghty:

Use a shoelace.