Looking for the song "Zaky ya zaky" by Hoda


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Hello dear dancers,

I'm new to this forum and I really hope I'm posting this in the right category... :redface:

Recently I've found the song "Zaky ya zaky" by Hoda which would be perfect for my next shaabi performance, but unfortunately I wasn't able to find it anywhere to buy in good quality. I wonder if anybody can help me even with the smallest bit of information... Does anybody know on which album it was released? I'm aware that Hoda has a CD called "Shaabi chic", but this song isn't on it...

Thank you very much!!! :) :)

bomu samba

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Another version is available on itunes

I haven't been able to find a good quality version of Zaky ya Zaky but there is another version: Ali Ya Ali by Taha Abu Lamona. It's available on itunes


I know you posted ages ago but thought this might still be useful :)


Cool song but that video is awful- all those quick changes of viewpoint were enough to start a headache before the first minute of the song passed. What IS it with videographers and their weird angles and visuals?

bomu samba

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Yeah... the video is not great :-/
It's awfulness didn't even register at first, I've just been re-reading the 'odd belly dance videos' thread :lol: