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I'm not entirely sure if this goes in this forum or another one but I've been wanting to seek guidance. I've been doing videos since February since I can't afford classes. I know the likelyhood of finding a teacher that'd be willing to teach for free is slim to none since I'm still very much penniless.

Anyway, I think my level it still technically beginner regardless of using the videos to familiarize myself. Does anyone know of a good teacher in the Lansing, Michigan area? I did try to look through google search but according to their websites, no one was holding classes at this time.


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Hi there! Great that you are looking into classes - and yes, you are a beginner. I have been dance training for 6 years - 1-3 classes per week and I am just now thinking of considering myself a low level intermediate. I found a list of teachers in your area, though i don't know much about any of them as I am in a different part of the country. But perhaps you can contact some of these folks and check them out.

Belly dance classes in Lansing, Michigan

You might also post a question on the Bhuz: Bhuz.com - Belly Dance Central Good luck and I hope you find a great teacher. (Keep in mind that you might have to travel a bit to work with someone really good. I drive an hour each way to my classes because my teacher is brilliant!)

Teachers throughout Michigan http://us.bellydanceclasses.net/michigan/
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