KIN:An epic tale of loss and redemption told through belly dance


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Barakaat Dance Company presents
KIN:An epic tale of loss and redemption told through belly dance
November 21, 2015 7pm
Howard County Center for the Arts
Ellicott City, Maryland

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Is blood thicker than envy?

Three siblings engage in the metaphysical arts on behalf of their tribe, but opening doors to the spiritual realm can have unexpected results, especially when the human conduit is harboring dark feelings.

With KIN, Barakaat utilizes the rich movement vocabulary of belly dance to tell an original story of human emotion, family love, loss, betrayal and renewal. We reached out to some of the best local and regional belly dance performers to help bring this story to life. To date, over 40 dancers – professionals, semi-professionals and talented amateurs – are contributing their creative efforts to this show!

Barakaat has built a reputation for excellence in the local dance community, and has worked with distinguished institutions such as the Smithsonian, the National Aquarium, Artscape and Dance Baltimore. Now, we are pushing the boundaries of Middle Eastern-born arts in the context of modern America, while honoring the roots and traditions of these beautiful cultural dances.

Guest dancers and choreographers for KIN include Saffron’s Elena Faye, Latifa and the Banat al-Beled Dancers, Naimah and the Amandari Dance Company, Mariza and the Lazuli Belly Dance Ensemble, Baba Ghanoush Belly Dance with the Support of Nina Amaya, and the Aubergine Dancers.
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