India - what was the first school or teacher?


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Ignoring the myth that belly dance originated in India, when did classes etc start in India? So far I have come up with Veronica Simas de Souza in Mumbai 2006. Any advance on that?


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Veronica does not teach BD anymore. She is now a kathak (indian classical dance) performer. There are 4 major BD dance schools in India (that I know about)
- Kohl Belly Dance movement. (Previously veve)
- Meher Malik's Banjara school of dance.
- Y&S
- Payal's dance studio.
The belly dance community is increasing here in India with every passing day, with belly dance superstars coming here for workshops. This is a very old post, but since I am from India and no one else replied, I thought I should :)


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This threw me: my given mundane name is India and I thought Kashmir thought I was old enough to recall the world's first school and teacher.:dance:


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yes. Meher was one of the first belly dancers here. But she taught in Delhi and Veronica taught in Mumbai.