Impossible fusion - a challenge


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The roller tap was amazing.

Polka bellydance fushion. And I hope we never see this either.
Apart from a couple of Chicken Dances, YouTube has nothing. Wow. I'm quite surprised.

Flamenco up a pole would be funny. (I looked. Nothing :()


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Okay you knew I had to reply to this thread
Cat Herding/tightrope walking/tapdancing to Misson Impossible theme :shok:
I saw a dancer dance to the Mission Impossible theme wearing sunglasses once. I don't think it was a comedy piece. She also did a routine to the Kill Bill theme swinging around a katana sword. I have never seen that dancer use Middle Eastern music- ever. To be fair, I've never seen her teacher or any of the students of that belly dance school dance to Middle Eastern music. It makes me have a sad :(


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80's alternative pop belly dance with zills during a wrestling match. I'm hoping like mad they forced her to use that music and it wasn't her choice.


even if the accordian is covered in sequins and it's bellows puff out clouds of glitter.... ooooooooo wait.. a self accompanied belly dance with the above full sized accordian. and roller skates
Belly dancer present: Check
Roller skates present: Check
Glitter and sequins present: Check
Full size accordion present: Check
Knowledge on how to play the accordion: None.

(Puh! Bellydancing on inline skates is hard enough already... :rolleyes::lol: )