How Chinese belly dance suppliers cheat you.


Many Chinese suppliers cheat buyers with whatever photos they can find on internet, not caring whether they can really make the things. Below are the cheating listings and where they copy the original photos

Original: fan veil&ref=sc_gallery_2&plkey=2bf871cd38bff73f39784e97bc0f1630e902520b:100353262

Original: dance silk veil&ref=sr_gallery_7

I only listed 2. There are more but I cannot find their original listings. Even my photos are being copied a lot. Sellers who steal photos may not even have a camera. If someone buys from them, they will ask a small factory (who I know personally) to make the products with cheap silk in a cheap way. What the buyer get is nothing like in the photos.

Sellers who copies photos cannot provide good quality silk products mainly because they cannot find good quality silk fabric. The rich colors can only appear on thick silk. Their supplier will never use good quality fabric even if they wanted to because
1~Good quality silk is more expensive. And the minimum order quantity is quite big, tens of thousands meters to start with.
2~Good quality silk are hard to find. Only big silk factories with large scale modern equipment are able to make good silk. There are only less than 5 big silk factories in China as I know because this Labor intensive industry is dying. Instead, there are quite a few small silk factories who make cheap silk. As a result, what the seller claim 5mm is actually 4mm, 8mm actually 6mm. Most belly dance silk veil sellers do not have any knowledge background in silk at all.
Also, they do not have the skills. They do not have the patience US makers take days to draw inch by inch, or the skills of traditional Chinese silk painting. Their resources is limited to that one small factory who I know.

How do we tell if a buyer is copying other's photos?
1~They are not professional belly dance silk veil sellers. The buyer may sell other things, like jewelry and Chinese antiques, or even leather shoes. For example this seller. He copies all photos from my listing, not even caring to remove the watermark.
2~The buyer usually only uses one photo. Or a lot of unrelated photos piled together.,searchweb201602_2_10034_507_10020_10001_10002_10017_10010_10005_10011_10006_10021_10003_10004_10022_10009_10008_10018_10019,searchweb201603_1&btsid=c6c7148f-ff82-446a-805b-82188bc23835. He copies from mine
3~There are heavy watermarks on the photos.
4~In the photo it is often white ladies.

Buyers beware.

Silk-bamboo studio never copies other's photo without permission. And we swear to make our products with good silk only in the colors we really are able to do.