Hi I make the most popular LED stuffs like LED wings and pois!


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I am busy making LED isis wings,oh lots of orders!If you haven't got one,please hurry up to follow this most exotic stuff in 2014!
Soon I will make color-changing isis wings,and also LED veils,LED bra belt sets,maybe skirt...
You can imagine how amazing it is in your performance!
I also have been selling belly dance costumes,hip scarves,silk fan veils,silk veils,silk pois....for over 6 years!
My ebay id is saidashu2008!
Maybe you have shopped from me before:)
led2.jpgLED wings white2.JPG160382.jpg

This is my etsy store:


Our facebook:


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You seem to have a very limited selection of countries where you ship though :( None of the places where I spend most of my time in, is on the list.


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Oh hey...I am sorry to hear that....Where will you spend time in please Safran?
I think Brazil,anywhere else?
Mexico??I can ship to Mexico in fact...But never tried to ship to Brazil during my 6 years business...


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Holiday colors are OUT!

Make other dancers GREEN with envy with these lovely LED Isis wings. A great way to amp up your dance and really shine for upcoming holiday performances! Click here to snatch them up now! http://bit.ly/1G3ZauuLED isis wings lines green.jpg