Helwa Sabah


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Yasmina has some translation in her CD Heya Di Yasmina. There you can find this version of the music also.

Ya Helwa Sabah = Oh, Beautiful morning!

Nadege VdS

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Super ! Thank you very much ! I'll look for the cd.
The translation of the tittle helps me (I really need to learn arabic lol). I looove this song :)


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Good morning beautiful!

Good morning beautiful, look over here
you lovely creature, it' s a beautiful day
how long have I been waiting for you
watching the door and the window
just to plead with you, to wish me good morning
Hey gorgeous, you are too young to be so preoccupied
one look from you will make me dizzy
my longing for you is destined to go unrequited
you are so refined and have such class

This is what the song is about. Good luck dancing to this nice song!!!


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Lyrics and transliteration Helwa Sabah

Hi Caroline thanks,
I'm just looking for this lyrics :)
Just one more thing, do you also have the transliteration of this music?

Thanks again,