Help me with this piece please


Can't recall the name of the song; Dina used to use it a lot so maybe if you look up some of her videos you'll find the name. Nice performance.


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Ditto, but I loved that performance.

Ok, now I feel like an idiot; the video tells you the name of the song. Sah Asmi Baha Tablu Yea by Alex Delora.
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Actually it sounds like that title if you listen to the lyrics - I’m just not sure that’s the artist - does anyone know where I can get the song please?


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Well it wouldn't be the first time youtube got it wrong.

According to other sources it other names are "Ya Yousri Tabeli" and "Baladi Aziza of Cairo" Evidently Aziza of Cairo labeled it Baladi on a CD she has been selling at her workshops. It is available on Outi of Cairo's CD Al Amoura (Balady). According to her it was made for her and recorded in Cairo.