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Hello to All,

What a brilliant forum this is! A lot of useful information and lots of passionate dancers and dance lovers.

Nice to meet you all!

Just a few lines to introduce ourselves:

Laureola Dance is a limited company founded by Alina Laureola.

Our Vision and Mission

Most people think dance is not for everyone. We have no doubts it is! Besides being a beautiful art form, dance is also an amazing way to get in touch with your soul. It teaches you to connect with and train your body, mind and spirit, and helps you to find inner and outer harmony. It is an important form of communication and self-expression - everybody can understand the language of dance. Dance has the power to bring people together. It develops us with no limits to our achievements!
Our mission is to promote the importance of dance and its positive impact on society’s wellbeing through education and performance.

Break the boundaries. Believe. Find Yourself.

Happy dancing! :D

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to the forum, yes we are a passionate lot, and thoroughly addicted to both the forum & dance:D

I'll look forward to your input on the forum.