Has the "Like" feature been disabled?


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Today, I wanted to "like" a couple of posts, but I couldn't find the "Like" choice at the bottom of the posts in question. Has that feature been disabled?

For a workaround, I gave a reputation point to one of the posts, but I wasn't able to for the other due to a need to spread the rep around some more before I could give that person another.


You can still hit the like button, but it is no longer within the "message area".
You'll find it in a separate field below each post ("Post Thanks/Like") to the left.
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Just to test it out, I liked your post for you Shira. If you're still having trouble liking, let us know what you're using to access the forum (pc/tablet/phone/etc) and what browser you're using (safari/firefox/chrome/etc) that way it will be easier for our web guy to track down & fix the problem. :)