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I have to share this fun video, I dare you not to smile & bop in your computer chair:D

The reactions of the people in the street are classic, some smile, do a bit of a dance & others look dumbstruck. It's fun, I'd love to do something like that:) But too chicken to do so alone:)

I Love the girl from 1.44 she is thoroughly enjoying herself. The girl at around 1.52 is great as well, looks like she has had dance training.
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I was the same, Once I saw the videos, I kept hearing the song on the radio, I probably heard it prior but it just didn't register:)


So in other words, the key to get people to recognize your otherwise anonymous music is to make a looooong music video that make people click with your song on repeat.
Unfortunately, I heard it too many times and turn the radio off when I hear it now. :rolleyes: