Happy Moves yoga/dance/story


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I love using international dance for cross training, and in a search for
Indian Classical Dance I came across this unique program-

Happy Moves (Yoga/Dance/Story) by Shanthi

yoga for happiness | Claim Your Happiness Beyond The Mat

This is not a "fusion dance" series, but instruction in authentic yoga with expression through Indian Classical dance and storytelling. This program includes a series of handouts on doing the Aasanas safely and the benefits/limitations.
Also included are personal growth handouts that I made into a journal. MP3's are also supplied so you can take your practice on the road.

Shanthi is a Yoga master, Indian dancer,
and interactive Story-teller. She provides detailed safety instructions and
demonstrates the proper yoga posture forms. A very nurturing teaching style,and very clear instruction is provided.

Very nice program that I will use often. Professionally done with excellent camera angles.

I usually prefer dvds, but the lessons and content of this program made me venture into online learning option.

What international dance forms do you use for cross training?


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Sounds interesting, I would use something like that as an aside from dance. I hate the gym for fitness etc ( I'm too lazy to go & mindlessly pump iron, walk treadmills etc. I quite like yoga & if there is some Indian dance moves thrown in to make it interesting, I'd give it a go:)


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Hello guys! Interested in this thread because my parents are yoga instructors and they were taught by Shanthi! Awesome master! From here I have heard about om symbol


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I am struggling to tell if this thread, which appears to have started out legit in 2014, still is. I don't want to come at new users who are lurking/not comfortable posting on other topics, but newbies who only post in the fringe threads do tend to raise a red flag since it looks a lot like how spammers test the water.

Perhaps you could introduce yourselves here as a show of good faith? http://bellydanceforums.net/forums/meet-greet.2/

What do you mean by om symbol? "The word of God", as I know it is translated like this.
This is an oversimplification of a symbol that is used by diverse groups. Whose word, whose God, and whose translation for which purpose? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Om

I saw this symbol all over the city, sometimes people are using it without knowing the real meaning of it.
Agreed, one should not lightly adopt someone else's deep and meaningful symbol as decoration.