Guests - Drawing for a brand new Belly dance CD!


We’d like to encourage you (you know who you are!) to join the ranks of members here on the good ole belly dance forums website! What better way than a little enticement :cool:

The Prize
A free, new, copy of Spice of Life. 14 tracks of original and traditional Middle Eastern and North African music for Oriental dancers. Listen to song samples at Joseph Pusey w/ Kevin Hylton and Bob Rause | Spice of Life | CD Baby Music Store


Who can Participate?
Unregistered guests
Members and Sponsors who refer a friend who register here.
If you are a guest: register and post in this thread.
If you are a member or a sponsor: post the username of the friend you referred to join the forum as well as your number (explained below).
If you are the friend who was referred you get to enter/post too because... well you're a new member!

How do we play?
I will use to generate a number at random. The parameters will be 1 to 100. Pick a number between 1 - 100 and put it in your post. Whoever picks the number OR if no one picks the exact number, the person who is closest without going over (price is right style:D) will be the winner.

When will the drawing end?
On June 1st, 2013

Ready, set, go!


I'm pretty sure I encouraged Shemiran Ibrahim to join. Um, actually I'm always encouraging people to join, but I can never know for certain, so if Shemi says she joined for other reasons, just strike me off until I can persuade someone else to join! ;)

So I'd like 66 please. :)


New member
I'm not participating in this draw, but I do encourage others - it is a great CD and it is a great forum! ;)


Sorry count me out, I totally misunderstood the game! I thought it worked the same as the DVD game. Didn't read it properly :(
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