Greetings to all visitors , looky-loos, and other welcome guests


Super Moderator
Welcome to Oriental Dancer.

My name is Shanazel, and I am the new supermoderator at OD, emphasis on NEW. I'm still learning my job and expect to make a mistake or twenty over the next couple of weeks in particular. Please be patient with me.

Part of my job is eliminating a hundred or more spammers per day. If you are a genuine person with good intentions and a desire to join us here, please sign up to be a member. You should receive an email with either an acceptance or denial message. If you are genuine, etc., but are refused, please respond to the email and let me know I goofed somehow. I'll get you taken care of.

Don't be shy. Join us and add to the conversation that has been going on now for almost two decades. We would welcome new voices, new opinions, new videos, new resources, and (of course) photos of new costumes. :D


Hooray for Shanazel!

P.S. I am working with Arun to try and get the software updates installed and new/better spam filer sign ups in place so there are not sooooooo mannnny robots in the awaiting approval section.


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Okay, folks. my smiting sword has eliminated hundreds of spammers. If you've accidentally gone with them, please let us know and I will grovel appropriately before remedying the matter.