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Hi, everyone. I'm Kevv. I'm a male beginner bellydancer from SC. I can bellydance and play the zils at the same time, but I'm a beginner at that stuff. I mainly play a riqq and I also know a whole bunch of rhythms on it and also my zils. I've been playing my riqq since last year. I started bellydancing last year and I am currently taking online bellydance classes via Zoom. I hope to be a live drummer for more events soon. I also hope to improve my riqq playing and my bellydance skills, and I also hope to improve on dancing and playing my zils at the same time.
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Like you, I was a musician long before I was a dancer. Playing Zills while dancing was probably the hardest thing I've ever learned. Just takes a lot of practice. Good on you!!

And welcome to the forum!