Favourite colours for costumes!


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I was musing about the TPBDC thread and that gorgeous blue glitterdot fabric - and wondered what colours we all have for costumes...
I have turquoise, pale teal/green, rose pink & gold, black & gold dress, silver & white (in the making), and a copper saidi dress.

Note: no RED, no PURPLE, no GREEN - oh dear, what shall I do?!!

And what do you think is the most popular colour?
And finally, why did you choose the colours you've chosen?

The turquoise blue dress is because I have always had a soft spot for turquoise and teal/green.
The rose pink & gold was my first costume and I wanted something bright and bold.
The black & gold was because I found some fabulous black velvet and then some amazing gold sequins.
The silver started from the need to create a swirl skirt from silver and mauve - that never got made, but the bedlah is slowly progressing.
I'm not a silver girl, much prefer gold, but I'm enjoying making something well out of my comfort zone.

One colour I don't think I'd get is yellow - not an easy one for me to wear - but peach maybe?


And what do you think is the most popular colour?
This is an interesting question. At Oslo Oriental Festival this year, it seemed like various shades of blue were very popular color amongst the contestants (5 of 10), while red was a very popular colour at the Saturday Gala show (6 of 13).

I believe animal prints has been very popular for a while as well..


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I have
black & silver x 2 different styles
Black with silver& turquoise
Royal Purple
silvery lavender mauve with silver & pink beading
'Rich ripe' apricot - silver & redish terracotta beading

I have a plain black bra/belt & all silver set
Red, Green, Black, purple & fuschia pink skirts

Everything has silver accents as the main bead work colour - I am most definitely a silver person.


I have/had (not that I use all, most don't fit anymore):

-teal Bella (will come out of retirement soon)
-green turkish bedlah
-I had another grass kind of green one before (sold it)
-red fusion costume
-I had a red bedlah once but sold it
-cream/grey tribaret costume (new)
-black and red costume (new)
-green and red costume
-midnightnight blue and silver costume
-dark red costume, never used and won't be used
-multi color tribaret costume (only still partly exists, rest has been recycled into new cossie)
-marine turkish bedlah (sold it)
-my first costume was turquoise with dark blue
-brown costume still in the making
-teal costume project planned
-turquoise project partly started

so most blues, and then reds and greens


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I have

Mmm is there a theme going on here?;) Mandy(Shimmyshop) I think I need a change:D


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I will wear it but depends on the shade..RED which I always think looks good on a dancer if she gets the right variation and a real show-stopper
I love to see a dancer in white but would never wear it.


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Good question!

I have very few costumes (all bedlah) because I travel/move so much but luckily they've done the trick:
- Red/gold
- Silver coin with teal skirt/veil or lavender/skirt veil
- Yellow

I think it's about time for another one soon! I'm definitely not a blue person and love rich jewel tones and bold colours. I think my next one will be emerald green, or maybe another red one... I also love white costumes but think they'd probably be a bit impractical for regular use.


My colours are usually the darker ones, but I try really hard to choose brighter colours, as I have realized that brighter colours on the costume will give nicer pictures from the performances…. *sigh*

This is a scary excercise, but I have/had various costumes (student, folkloric and troupe costumes included) in:
  • Black (iridescent black; black with copper and gold; black with silver; black with silver and royal blue; black and white)
  • Blue (midnight blue; dark blue; royal blue with red)
  • Blue/turquoise troupe costume (Yay! A bright color!)
  • Wine dress (my favourite high end costume ever!)
  • Red and orange bedlah (a friend helped me choose these bright and bold colours, if not I'd probably ended up in dark blue/turquoise again)
Seems to be the same trend as lizaj... ;)

I'm working on costumes in:
  • Blue/purple/black animal/jungle print (not finished yet, but must be soon).
  • Warm orange (almost red) and copper (not yet finished, though)
I've also got some costumes that I didn't decide the colours of myself:
  • Brown and turquoise. The phone connection to my friend in Egypt wasn't the best, neither was her pronunciation. I thought it was going to be green and turquoise. :lol:. I made the brown galabeya (as pictured in the Where have all the dresses gone?-thread) for this one. But I'm not complaining as I got a high-end costume for half the price…
  • Peach and purple meleya dress (troupe costume)
  • White galabeya/bra. I was going to sell this costume for a friend, but somehow I couldn't. I ended up using it myself because I didn't have the time or money to make or order a custom made costume. I usually wear it with aubergine coloured accessories. I need to fix a new bra for it, though (one size off the rack never fit. :rolleyes:).

I still "need" costumes in purple and green and perhaps a red dress. I've been dreaming of the Pharaonics costumes "Evening Flare" in deep purple or kelly green and "Star of the show" in red or bright blue, but in halter neck style, for a couple of years already.. (If you are unfamiliar with these names, see Dahlal Internationale : Welcome!; last page of Egyptian dresses)

Note-to-self: Need to clean up in my dance wardrobe. Perhaps I should sell some of the items.... or get a bigger house.. :whistle:
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Bigger house, definitely. And a maid to keep them clean and repaired!

I hadn't ever thought of a brown costume, or burgundy/wine...
but definitely NO ANIMAL PRINTS - I just don't like 'em.


Bigger house, definitely. And a maid to keep them clean and repaired!
:lol: I didn't think of the maid to keep them clean and repaired..
But then I'd probably need a personal trainer to keep me fit as well. ;)

I hadn't ever thought of a brown costume, or burgundy/wine...
but definitely NO ANIMAL PRINTS - I just don't like 'em.
I'm not very fond of animal prints myself, but for the specific fabric I'm working on right now (it is the same fabric I posted a pic of in the inspiration-thread - although, the server needs a reboot so the image won't show right now.): If I look at it more like a blue jungle print instead of animal print it feels better.


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I have(or making)

A red, burgundy saidi style dress(ok, its just an arab dress, which i altered)
a baby blue and white cabaret costume in progress, which is not my favo colour but it was cheap!

For me, I like purple, pink, green and brown(the dark kind). Sometimes red, but has to fit my skintone...For myself, I`m a silver girl with the details.

On others; I have seen some beauifull white costumes, same with animalprints but I`ll won`t wear it quickly


I tend to favor blues and greens because those are the colors I wear most in everyday clothes, but lately I've been into appreciating all colors and would want (when I stop being too broke to buy costumes) to have something in every color.

royal blue (with silver sparklies) two-piece set
royal blue bedlah (typically wear this with a skirt that has a three-tone iridescence of red, blue and purple, with sparkle dots, but there will soon also be a light blue skirt)
turquoise two-piece set
sage green two-piece
red two-piece set
copper/bronze bedlah (wear with black skirt that has leopard godets -- I like animal prints in clothing but am also not that nuts about them for costumes, but this little touch is nice)
medium green with gold dots skirt; got a gold bedlah to wear with it, but is badly in need of size adjustment
skirt in printed fabrics primarily in orange, with orange hip wrap (don't have a top to wear with this yet)
white bedlah
green/deep teal sequin skirt

Would like to get:
something in purple, preferably a deep tone
yellow? Used to be my least favorite color, but I've seen some nice yellow costumes

Making (someday)
pink, with silver and hematite bead accents

Phew! Am I neglecting any colors?


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I have a: burgundy and gold, a silver, a black and gold, a white, and a homemade troupe costume in petrol (?)(turquoise/teal/blue kind of colour) with silver beading.

Have plans:
-make the white into a black and white, I pinned some black fabric on it and liked what I saw.
-make a red fancy galabeya with clear swarovski stones.

More longterm plans (will they ever be realized, I don't know...)
-a green/brown bedlah with copper beading.
-a black and bright blue one piece dress
-Something with animal print. I love it. Maybe a simple minimalistic (not small, just not so elaborate) dress.

Would love something green at some point.
ah, dreams...


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Dreams are what makes costume-making fun! Although I am not taking inspiration from some of those TPBDC's.
I want a white silk galabeya like Fifi's (*swoon*) then I can wear a scarf and belt in any colour I like!
I've decided I *need* (yes, really!) a black and white one - not a combination I wear in daily life, so it would be fun to have one for dancing...and I am coming around to a nude and peach or pink coloured one...


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oooh yes, a white silk galabeya... forgot that one :) mmmmm, with some pretty stones on as well, perhaps...


I just added a brown cossie to my collection. Not sure if it going to stay in it's original shape though. I might use the skirt as regular skirt (not for belly dance).
I'll take pictures soon.


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Lets see, I have:

black and white
black and silver
Black and blue 1
black and blue 2
black and... ok, I think you get the point...

I gave away black and silver #2 and a silver AB to a newer dancer in my class, so she would have something to start her foundation wardrobe with. Quit looking at me like that, it was my good deed for the decade.

I also have a red two peice that became a 1 peice.
An ice-silver/blue dress that I love love love love love
The purple that Alosha made my veil for
Various skirts of green, black, red, blue, white, and so on.


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nightdancer you forgot the black one you're about to get, and the black one of your dreams - and I see you don't have a black and gold one yet


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Current object of my affections

I almost bought something similar at Rakassah, but my 2 seamstress gurus told me no. So, I didnt. But I still love love love it.