Dance improvisation to Solace's "Solitude"

So after 12 years of study, lots of practice, and 8 weeks of beginner fusion bellydance classes earlier this year with a local school, I finally made a dance video that I'm proud of.
I like the freedom of the label "creative dance," but I was wondering if my fellow dancers here would consider this video an example of fusion bellydance. Either way, I hope you like it.


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Thank you for sharing your dance video, Sajia, and welcome to OD. It was very nicely done, and creative dance is a perfect way to describe it. Yes, there are definitely elements of belly dance in some of the hip work. Can you tell us more about your belly dance fusion classes?
My fusion bellydance teachers call their style Neo Bellydance, and say they fuse bellydance with contemporary, jazz, and street styles. Here's a link to their website: Luciterra Dance Company - What Style of Dance Is This
I was going to perform a beginner group choreography at their student showcase earlier this month, but it was cancelled because of the pandemic. But I'm glad to be studying with them - at one point I wanted to be a jazz fusion dancer, although because I'm focusing my music studies on Hindustani classical music I'm hoping to study Colleena Shakti's Indian Fusion Formation format.
Yes, I'm a singer-songwriter. My main training is in Hindustani classical music, although I also studied some western classical voice many years ago. I can play a little keyboard and was in the process of assembling a dance rock band before the pandemic struck.


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Hindustani classical music isn't something I'm familiar with. Please, will you supply some links so I can be a little more educated?
Sure! For some knowledge of the basics, here's Anuja Kamat's Youtube Channel:
For a deep dive, there's
There's a lot of interesting similarities and differences between Hindustani classical music and Middle Eastern music. Both are highly improvisational forms, but Hindustani classical music revolves around the solo performer with the percussion accompanist whereas Middle Eastern traditional music is built around the small ensemble.


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Thanks! I'll look forward to watching those. My husband is a musician (Voice, French horn, guitar), now retired from most performance.


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If you are open to suggestions? Consider some work on your arms? No matter the style of dance, strong arms will make your dancing seem more confident.

And welcome to the forum. :)
Heh, it's taken me a long time to get my arms at this level. I was definitely planning to work on them, although I also want to boost my shimmy technique and hip work as well.