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I've used the "leave my hair to dry in a towel" method for years. I think Darshiva and I think alike---it's not anything really new. :/ Someone just gave it a weird name. @___@


Gave the 'plopping' thing a full-out test.

And it turns out there's a reason they tell you not to do it with the CG method - it completely dessicates & destroys your curls! Only going with that method in future if I forget to take my hair out of the towel. :)


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That's so weird it did that! That's the first time I've heard it giving trouble. Sorry to hear it did that.


Really? Just wondering when CG went from 'don't ever leave your hair in a towel to dry' to 'so it's now okay to leave your hair in a towel to dry'? Of course, with my frustrated sciencey background*, I had to test it out for myself.

*former winery tech. No longer able to do that work due to industry-related allergies. Sometimes get wiggy & perform experiments & tests because SCIENCE!


I may have mentioned this elsewhere before, but for good discussions about all things hair-related, go the The Long Hair Community (it's a forum with a format similar to this forum). There are many people there who love to talk about their favorite conventional products as well as natural care such as coconut and other oils and recipes for homemade stuff; also style suggestions, hair accessories, etc. There are even threads specifically discussing issues for curly hair, wavy hair, and whatnot.


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I used to wander around over there but haven't visited in a long time. Moon used to go there, too. Sigh. I miss Moon and some of the other long time no see folks.

PS I wandered back over there and had to re-register since not only could I not recall my old password but I did away with the associated e-mail long, long ago. So I'm Shanazel* there instead of plain Shanazel. I measured my hair for the record... 44 inches. Not bad for an old lady. ;)
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