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Ours is simply closed until further notice. Given the volume of use, they'd have to hire extra librarians to provide curbside assistance.
They haven't as far as I know. A relative works there though and they say it's been insane as they fill the orders and sterilize every cover of every book that comes back. The boss didn't think it would be a big deal but as soon as the program was announced they were slammed with orders.


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SO how are things going in your neighborhood?

Are you all right Ælfscine?

How is working from home Daimona?

Do you have a library yet Shanazel? And how is homeschooling going? Today is my son's last day.

Here they are cautiously opening some things up, including the library, but it's slow and our infection rate tripled over the weekend. Mind you, tripled for us is only 12 new cases and we're a metropolitan area, but there you go.

It's kinda funny, there was this awful reporter that came here a month ago (from LA) claiming we were being all irresponsible and totally lied and manipulated the footage for the story. It totally ticked us off. Only now, it warmed up and the weather became nice, and I'm looking around, and far too many people really are just ignoring the personal distancing and mask recommendations. I've been sick for the last week and the only way I could have caught it was when I was out shopping. I was wearing a mask but a lot of people aren't. Just think, if that reporter had waited a month they could have come and done their story and they wouldn't have had to lie.


Thank you for asking, Ariadne. I hope you get well soon.

Working from home, at least when writing up articles, reports and making presentations, are no problem. Lab work, on the other hand, is a bit more tricky. If necessary I could apply for some hours at the time at the lab or in my office, but I've had enough other things to do in the meantime and the IT department have been really helpful in setting up VPN and extra computers for connecting up remotely to get access to the necessary software.
And as society is gradually opening up we're actually allowed to get back to the office next week if we want to. Using public transportation is still out of the question, though.

We're also allowed to do single-day field work if alone or don't share transportation and keep the safety distance being maximum five persons. I had one day in the field with a new colleague April 30, and it was SO GOOD! You have no idea. Out of the home office, perfect weather, meeting new faces and having interesting discussions. ❤
We also sneaked out a few hours in the field before lunch one day last week (*shh*, don't tell my boss, I didn't ask for permission for the last one). Not that perfect conditions, but still lovely with new things to study and discuss and I was back for the scheduled online meeting after lunch. Already looking forward to the next full field days - just have to wait for the recent snow(!) to melt again at the localities we're going to visit. *sigh* Probably have to wait until June...


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Hello, ladies. How nice to hear from you both. Ariadne, sorry to hear you are ill. Hope it is just a mild case and you'll soon be back on your feet. I hate to tell you how easy isolation is for me. I have not minded having a clear calendar, especially now that the weather is nice enough to spend time outside. I venture to the grocery store during Old People Shopping Time and wear a mask more out of courtesy that out of any belief it will keep me safe. Our governor has been a brick; I am sorta surprised by how much I like the guy, given that he is a successful politician. He's besieged on all sides by a highly opinionated population, but keeps on making carefully considered decisions and maintaining the best balance possible under the circumstances. More businesses are opening up this week. Though this is the second most populous county in the state, we haven't had the worst outbreaks of virus, knock on wood. Our poor neighbors on the Wind River Reservation have really gotten slammed, along with the associated county.

Nope, no library yet, and I do miss it terribly.

Who else is out lurking out there, and how are you doing?


You and those you work with our also in our prayers. Thank you for your hard work.
I'm back in Canada where I'm still doing lab work. I want to cry every time I process a positive COVID-19 result. I feel tired, exhausted, frustrated and more than a little angered at our government that seems to be sitting on its hands and not giving us the support we need. But thank you all for your kind words of support. It makes facing all the next days much easier. Stay safe and sound.